Project News

Our company often receives projects based on WebRTC technology (Note - WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) is a technology that allows web applications and websites to capture and selectively transmit audio and/or video media streams, as well as exchange arbitrary data between browsers, without the need for intermediaries. The set of standards that WebRTC technology includes allows data exchange and peer-to-peer conferencing without the need for the user to install plug-ins or any other third-party software). With WebRTC, you can add real-time communication capabilities to your application that run on top of an open standard. The technology is available in all modern browsers as well as built-in clients for all major platforms and can be used in different cases, from basic web applications using a camera or microphone, to more advanced applications for video calling and screen sharing.
One of the latest projects that we are now developing for customers from Japan is Smart Intercom, which is an analog of a conventional intercom with several features, such as:
  1. Video call that can be answered by any person living in the apartment and having installed the application.
  2. Opening the door to the caller through a smart intercom.
  3. Recording video calls of each visitor.
  4. Door opening through face recognition.
  5. Opening the door through a pin that each person sets for himself.
The project replaced expensive services like Twillio, and Skyway with open source Janus WEBRTC. This is an amazing alternative technology that is good for TV streaming, online education, and web chat. We have mastered the open source alternative Janus and used the following technologies: NodeJS, Typescript, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, WebRTC, React Native, Vue, and Docker. Thanks to these technologies, we connect millions of people with each other around the world. WebRTC is the future of media streaming, so if you’re interested in building applications with this type of tech, our team is happy to help you!