The representative of music lovers — LivePower JP

Music is a connector, a relation, a source of power and willingness, and provider of love and togetherness. It is the custodian of both growth and tradition. Music is a crucial element in a cultural country like Japan, which places a strong value on tradition and community. As a result, they needed to devise a system for gathering people and allowing them to share the delight of music in a variety of ways.

Live Power is a technology designed by Unique Technologies for Japanese firms who want to spread love to the Japanese people through music. The project’s major goal was to a) Love and Believe in music’s ability to heal shattered hearts and spirits. b) Respond to people’s emotions as more individuals, including listeners, visitors, and artists shift to live music. c)  Enlarge the small circle of people and musicians so that everyone can share the joy of music, the lively setting, and the sense of community, as well as to provide an opportunity for emerging artists to thrive and take their initial steps effectively.

Article by Saida Mosauvi

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