Safety is of utmost importance no matter where you are.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, many businesses converted to an online-only work environment. Those who couldn’t, on the other hand, had to be extra cautious about their health while engaging with others. 

Aura Mineral was one of those businesses that needed to continue operating without putting its employees’ health in danger. As a result, they contacted Unique Technologies to create a system to assist them in tracking the physical status of its personnel. Aura Mineral is a transnational corporation based in the British Virgin Islands with operations in Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, and Arizona (US).

The Aura Mineral tracking system is designed in a straightforward manner so that all staff may use it with ease. The major goal is to track the physical state of all employees based on their registration with the recognized symptoms, as well as each employee’s interaction with each other. If one of the employees falls ill, everyone in the circle is made aware of his or her interactions and locations.

Mr. Sergio Castanho, Chief Transformation Officer of Aura Minerals Inc, stated that the “Aura Tracking” has proven extremely beneficial to them in all four of their branches. The system of a high-quality and smooth-running runner is understandable to all personnel.

Article by: Saida Mosauvi

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