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We are Unique Technologies and We have experience in IT startup industry for close to 15 years. We have worked with a wide range of startups and We have been on both the hiring and applying side several times. We feel this has given us insight into what companies desire in their engineers and also what traits great engineers have that make them a valuable asset to a startup team. From this experience, We are Unique Technologies to help startups find the best engineers in the market. We hand pick only the best engineers and we bring these engineers to you as potential assets to your team. Our team already consists of many highly qualified engineers who range in several languages and skills. We have engineers who develop both mobile and web, as well as front and backend. Also we have Great math and science R&D team for researching Artificial Intelligence. With our, close to, 15 years of experience developing high quality software for a range of clients, we would like to offer our services to you. Thank You Unique Technologies

  • 2003
    Year of establishment
  • Japan, USA, Europe etc.
    Geography of clients
  • 1500+
    Solutions/finished projects
  • 450
  • Member
    of Kyrgyz software and services developers association

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Mobile Apps
Android and iOS
Python, Java and more
Web design and VR
UI/UX, 3D-modeling and more

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"Unique Technologies" specialists putting excessive work and professionalism in each of the project by defining a primary goal not only meeting the desires of the customer, but also the successful performance of each project, which implies broad of development prospects

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Mr. Matthew Anderson: Working from London and Bishkek together was no problem at all

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